About Us

We at Mendieta Music Group provide a platform to the artists and fans, bringing them together through music. We are a complete music and entertainment company with a sole purpose to encourage and empower you to become the most creative version of yourself. From contracting to marketing, management, production, and publishing, we can cover everything. Mendieta Music group is proud to have a strong foundation which provides a quality source of entertainment for you. We work towards bringing innovation to the music industry. Our aim is to work with high standards in each department along with the strong foundation of basic values and ethical principles.

At Mendieta Music Group, our mission is to develop long-term careers through the talent that the artist possesses, by incorporating progressive strategies in all departments of marketing, production, management, branding, etc. The company’s philosophy is to remodel the structures, observing the details closely, and breaking old patterns to bring innovation to the music world. We imply our basic values of foundation in each department which encourages unity among all departments. Through this unity, a sense of fraternity and effective communication develops between every member of the company, be it the employees, the artists, or partners which facilitates quality teamwork.

Mendieta Music group has the vision to reach consumers who are music lovers. Irrespective of their nature, passive or voracious, but if they love Latin music, we are perfectly suitable for them. We as an entertainment company look forward to creating the right path for every individual artist so they can showcase their talent to the world. The ultimate vision of our company is to influence the landscape of the music industry in this era and to utilize and apply innovative ideas to facilitate change and newness.